Fraud is one of the most significant threats to modern businesses and organisations today and has many forms such as accounting manipulation or theft of assets including intellectual property, sensitive data, acts of bribery or corruption.

Grant Thornton’s Forensic Services can help you identify major fraud risks that your business can face whether from external or internal sources. We can assist you with the creation of fraud prevention and response strategies that can safeguard your assets, deter potential fraudsters, aid the detection of fraud and mitigate damages to your reputation in the event of an incident.

 Our experts can:

  • Carry out fraud investigations and reporting results and proposed actions
  • Design tailored fraud prevention policies and code of ethics
  • Develop/ or review fraud response plans and remediation processes
  • Perform FCPA compliance reviews and investigations
  • Develop and deliver fraud awareness training
  • Assist clients comply with global Know Your Customer, anti-money laundering and sanctions regulations
  • Evaluate existing anti-fraud controls
  • Identify gaps and deficiencies in financial and operating systems which can expose fraud risk
  • Perform fraud scenario assessments
  • Advise on introduction and implementation of whistle blowing or fraud hotlines

Forensic Services