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Foreign Account Taxation Compliance Act

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a United States of America (US) Federal law which was introduced as part of the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act in 2010. The act is designed to increase the level of tax transparency and revenues. The regulation requires all Financial Institutions (FI) (which includes but is not limited to banks, funds, brokers, custodians, asset managers and insurers) outside of the US to search their records for any listed US citizens and report their assets and identity to the US Treasury.
Implementation of FATCA has evolved since the enactment of the statute, but it is clear that the complications surrounding this new regime are wide-ranging for FI(s). In this document we outline the challenges which your organization may face or are currently facing and how Grant Thornton can help your institution to comply with requirements of FATCA.
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September 2015

Outsourcing: Beyond technical expertise

The outsourcing of back-office processes is now a well entrenched business practice at companies around the world. Approximately two out of every five businesses use it as an important means to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and, in many cases, ensure compliance.
This report explores what companies look for in their outsourcing relationships.
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Transparency report 2015

Grant Thornton is one of the world’s leading organisations of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms. This report is a public statement of our commitment to provide high-quality assurance services to businesses and organisations operating throughout the world. It is designed to help our member firms’ clients, audit committees, regulators and the general public, who make up our many stakeholders, understand Grant Thornton. Our stakeholders rightly expect us to have people, processes and technology in place that result in actions that are in the public interest, including delivering high-quality audits.
This report also contains information about how member firms provide high-quality tax and advisory services to their actions that are in the public interest, including delivering high-quality audits. This report also contains information about how member firms provide high-quality tax and advisory services to their clients.

Global M&A snapshot 2015

Companies are increasingly focused on high-quality strategic transactions, with less time spent on investigating peripheral opportunities, according to our annual tracker of business leader M&A intentions. Despite some familiar challenges and uncertainties, underlying growth is relatively strong in many developed economies, while other key metrics such as interest rates, employment and availability of funding are also positive. The historically cyclical transaction market may well be at a point where the objectives and valuations of buyers are broadly aligned according to our research.

Global Economy in 2015

2014 was the year in which the global economic recovery took hold according to our International Business Report, not just in in the UK and US, but in some of the European economies hit hardest by the sovereign debt crisis: Ireland, Spain and even Greece showed nascent signs of recovery. However, recent economic, political and social turmoil is weighing heavily on business leaders’ minds as we enter 2015.
Drawing on more than 10,000 interviews with business leaders and international economic forecast data, this report explores the growth drivers and constraints facing dynamic businesses over the next 12 months. 
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Hotels 2020: Welcoming tomorrow's guests

The hotel industry is going through a period of unprecedented, irreversible change and will look very different in 2020 than it does today. We shed light on some of the biggest questions facing the sector – how will hotels attract the business and leisure guests of tomorrow? How can they compete in a digital world? And what will their future business models look like?
Drawing on interviews with international hotel operators, industry futurists and Grant Thornton hospitality and tourism specialists, this report provides hotel leaders with guidance on how they can prepare for the consumer-led economy of 2020. 
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Women in business: the path to leadership

Women in leadership has been a long standing matter with greater leaps being made around the world. 
To put it simply: when women thrive, businesses thrive. If an economy is only using half of its most talented people then it immediately cuts its growth potential. Drawing on 5,404 interviews in 35 economies conducted through our International Business Report and 20 in-depth interviews with senior business leaders, this report finds that women’s advancement is being constrained by a number of factors, from entrenched social norms and gender bias to parenthood and archaic business practices.
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Private Equity Report 2015

Private equity has always focused on creating value and helping promote growth in portfolio companies. Since the industry began, private equity firms have tried many ways to meet this ultimate objective – and with varying success. Now, post the global financial crisis, the question being asked more than ever is: how can private equity deliver its value-added promises? 
The fourth edition of the Grant Thornton Private Equity Report, an annual survey of 175 senior industry practitioners around the globe, finds a new focus on returns rather than entry multiples; secondary buyouts increasing in importance; and thirdly the significance of management in delivering the new plan. 
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Women in senior management: still not enough

The past 12 months have seen women take the lead in some of the toughest economic and political environments: Christine Lagarde became the first female to head the International Monetary Fund, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has emerged as the key figure in solving the eurozone sovereign debt crisis and Maria das Gracas Foster has taken over at Petrobras, becoming the first woman to run one of the world’s top five oil companies. This short report, based on our latest International Business Report (IBR), explores why this issue matters, the current state of play and what is being done about it.

Corporate social responsibility: beyond financials

Investor calls for transparency and the rise of social media have thrust the impact businesses have on the economy, the environment and society more firmly into the public spotlight. Drawing on more than 2,500 interviews with business leaders in 34 economies through our International Business Report (IBR), insight from the leading children’s charity UNICEF and Grant Thornton leaders, this report looks at what companies are doing to make their operations more sustainable and why, and considers the role integrated reporting can play in improving transparency and decision making.

Outsourcing: driving efficiency and growth

Businesses have been outsourcing key processes to third parties for many years, but it was perhaps around the turn of the 21st century that the term ‘outsourcing’ started to gain traction. This report looks at the outsourcing trends in the UAE and globally.

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Microclimates of opportunity: Real Estate & Construction Report 2014

This report draws on more than 700 interviews with business leaders in 45 economies to understand how the real estate & construction sector is recovering from the financial crisis, where the opportunities lie and what businesses are doing to keep their operations running smoothly and free from fraud.

Dynamic businesses at the forefront of M&A activity

The Grant Thornton International Business Report 2014 highlights an increasing importance for M&A in driving growth. There is a clear acknowledgment from the 12,500 businesses surveyed that acquisitions will be needed to supplement existing operations.
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Transparency Report 2014

The 2014 Grant Thornton global transparency report is a public statement of our commitment to providing high quality assurance services to organisations operating throughout the world.

Women in business - From classroom to boardroom

We have been tracking the proportion of women in senior management since 2004. Over this time we have seen very little change apart from a dip during the financial crisis, with research suggesting women were hit disproportionately hard by the global recession. This year, the proportion of women holding senior roles in business around the world remains at 24% - identical to the results in 2013, 2009 and 2007.

The global report, ‘From classroom to boardroom’ follows the careers of women from school and university to jobs and the boardroom, revealing the challenges women face along the way. 

Hotel Investment 2014: Finance on a different level

The global financial crisis had a major impact across all industries, and the global hotel industry was no exception. The crisis led to a widespread fall in asset values and, for a time, a restrictive lending environment.

This report describes the critical issues affecting hotel finance in 2014. It draws from in-depth interviews conducted with 20 hotel industry experts, including: senior representatives from hotel brands, banks, private equity and Grant Thornton partners who advise hotel industry clients.

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Global Economy in 2014

Drawing on data and insight from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR), the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), this short report considers the outlook for the global economy in 2014.

Hunger for Growth: Food & Beverage Study

The Food and Beverage industry is poised for growth around the globe. After years of uncertainty, retrenchment and delayed investments, industry executives are once again looking to invest in new products, new capacity, new distribution channels and new markets. Even in countries still shaking off the recession, executives expect growth and plan to capture market share at home and abroad.
Hunger for growth examines these trends and more. More importantly, it offers perspectives on how executives can manage change and sustain profitable growth by understanding the new industry landscape, developing strategies that leverage new trends and efficiently executing on their plans.

Time for a new direction: Fighting fraud in Construction

The presence of fraud and corruption in Construction can take many forms; from falsely representing the numbers of hours a contractor works, through to collusion when bidding for contracts or paying bribes to secure a contract. These inevitably increase costs and, in the case of bribes, inflate the contract price.
This report makes a range of recommendations to the Construction industry to help it avoid being a weak link in the fight against fraud and corruption, including a phased, five-step protection process; and a robust programme of tests, responsibilities and corrective measures.
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Global Private Equity Report 2013

Now in its third year, the report provides a global snapshot of the opportunities and challenges within the private equity industry as seen from a practitioner’s perspective. The differences in what it means to be an active player in specific global markets are examined, as are the key themes that resonate around the world.

Highlights of the report can also be viewed via the Grant Thornton YouTube channel:

Transparency Report 2013

The 2013 Grant Thornton global transparency report is a public statement of our commitment to provide high quality assurance services to organisations operating throughout the world.

The rise of the cross-border transaction

When reflecting on the results from this year’s International Business Report (IBR), one has to take into account the major political and economic events that have dominated the global agenda over the past twelve months.
With the on-going eurozone negotiations, the US ‘fiscal cliff’, the continuing Arab Spring and  the various domestic elections, including those in France, the US, India and Japan, it is understandable that many business leaders surveyed remain cautious about their current and future commitment to M&A. However, what is encouraging from this year’s results is the increased appetite of companies for cross-border acquisitions, which is at its highest level since the IBR first asked this question in 2008. 
This trend underlines that this domain, previously dominated by large corporates, is progressively becoming a focus area for businesses  of all sizes, whether they are acquiring or indeed looking to source potential acquirers for their  own business.


Women in senior management: setting the stage for growth

This report, based on the latest research from the International Business Report (IBR), explores the global shift in the number of women at the top of the business world and examines ways to make this growth permanent and parity possible.

Global Economy in 2013

The International Business Report (IBR) is a quarterly survey of the views and expectations of both public and privately-held businesses. Launched in 1992 in nine European countries, IBR now interviews 3,200 businesses in 44 economies every quarter. The total number of individual business leaders interviewed per year is over 12,000.  The data for this report are principally drawn from interviews conducted between December 2011 and September 2012.

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Global Private Equity Report 2012

Now in its second year, the report provides an analysis and review of 143 in-depth interviews with senior private equity practitioners from around the world. 

This year the report includes a 'special report' on global growth opportunities with the results providing insight into new "high growth" markets that private equity is looking towards.

Highlights of the report can also be viewed via the Grant Thornton YouTube

Global Dynamism Index 2012: business growth fundamentals

In 2011, Grant Thornton commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to research the business growth environments of 50 economies chosen on the basis of economic importance, size and region.  Subsequently, 406 senior executives, from a broad range of countries and industries were interviewed. Using the previous iteration as a baseline, the current iteration of the index, GDI 2012, looks at the progress of each economy over the past 12 months.


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